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Why Does My Credit Score Matter?

Your credit score impacts your daily life. It can determine where you live and the quality of your lifestyle. It can help you advance your education and career, get the loan you need to take your next big life step, and prepare you for a comfortable retirement.

Having a poor credit score can be embarrassing and stressful, and can prevent you from living the life you desire. Because low scores often mean higher loan fees, a poor credit score can put a major dent in your finances.

For lenders and landlords, your credit score is the most reliable indicator of your trustworthiness. Knowing your score helps them decide if they will do business with you, and what the pricing terms will be.

Your Credit Score = Your Level Of Trustworthiness

Is your current credit score an accurate representation of the real, trustworthy, motivated, goal-crushing you?

If not, we have great news, you can improve your credit score, take control of your financial health, and reduce stress in the process!

1. Order your credit report. Click here to get all 3 reports from Identity IQ

2. Clean up negative or inaccurate information on your credit report. Don't know where to start? Click here for a free guide to get you started

3. Create a solid budget to help with making payments on time. Need help creating a budget? Click here

4. Build Positive Credit History. Click here for 7 Ways To Increase Your Credit Score

At the end of the day, your credit score matters. It's better to improve your credit when you aren't looking to make any large purchases so that when you do need to leverage your credit nothing will be standing in your way.

Looking for professional help? Visit to chat with a credit expert.

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