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Questions Before Marriage

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Your credit is one of your greatest income builders, so protect it before, while, and after you are married. Often, couples act under the common misconception that once you are married, all credit accounts should be merged. This is far from the truth, or from necessity. When couples apply for joint accounts, financial negligence of one spouse causes the other to suffer. And though love may be for better or worse, your finances don't have to be. Educating yourself on how to handle finances while married is a key factor to a strong marriage and credit history.

During the courting state and before you get married, you and your spouse should sit down and discuss all the various aspects of your financial life. As you may know, money fights are one of the number one reasons that couples divorce. So before getting married, you should address the following questions with your partner:

Questions before marriage

1. Can we discuss our credit reports and scores?

2. Can we discuss financial goals?

3. How do you feel about budgeting?

4. What are your spending patterns?

5. Do you have any past due and outstanding debts?

6. Who do you think should manage the bills?

7. What do you think about joint and separate accounts?

8. What are your feelings when it comes to money?

9. Do you feel that we should speak with a Consumer Credit Counselor for a pre-financial guidance?

10. How would you feel if I made more money?

As you have heard before that money problems are the number one reason why couples get divorced. But, if you follow the ten tips discussed in this article regarding questions before marriage, you and your spouse could avoid money issues once married. Now that you are empowered with additional information it's time to take action.

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