Skilled Credit Expert & Tax Professional with 4+ Years' Experience

I started this business with hopes that I could ease the learning curve and assist in creating financial security ​for individuals who are just like me. 

When I was able to fix my own financial situation I discovered the power of GOOD CREDIT & a healthy financial portfolio. I then started my business to help others and it was back to rock bottom. I would constantly see coaches that are willing to help you grow and get more sales, but no one was ever talking about what goes on behind the scenes. Managing your business finances was just as important as managing the personal aspects. But the resources just weren't there. 

So I expanded my business into a full-service financial firm designed to help individuals regardless of where they are in their journey to financial freedom. 

Top Shelf Financial is the embodiment of the resources I wish were available to me when I started.

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Organized and Efficient

“Super friendly! Talks you thru the step by step process. Only been doing it 30 days and already seeing results! Thank you so much for helping me reach my home owner goals!.”

Samantha Herrera

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